Our Mission at Peer Resources

Mentors Peer Resources logoWe believe in nurturing the human spirit by drawing upon the wisdom and practices of many traditions in the fields of peer assistance, peer mentoring and peer coaching. We established our business in 1982, and since that time we have become a global authority in peer coaching, peer mentoring, and peer assistance. We pride ourselves in being able to provide expert consultation, facilitative mentoring, and supportive coaching to a diverse, worldwide group of clients. We offer a one-time fee membership to receive all our publications and our ebooks at no additional cost. This membership is called an "emeritus" membership, and it is now the only membership category we provide.
Our Premier Magazine: Our flagship publication is the Peer Bulletin (ISSN 1488-6774), which is the only independent, international, subscriber-funded, advertising- and promotion-free magazine about mentoring, coaching and peer assistance.
We offer our subscribers and clients the opportunity to connect with an international network of practitioners, writers, and researchers who are dedicated to inspiration, cooperation, respect, positive regard, hope, compassion, and equality throughout the world.

Previous issues of the Peer Bulletin, as well as a variety of exclusive documents and resources, are available in the subscribers-only area at www.peer.ca. Subscribers have access to our entire website including more than 1000 pages of resources, research, and documents.

Manuscript Submission: We encourage the submission of manuscripts that match our intention and do not focus on the promotion of products or services. Our guidelines for manuscripts are available here: www.peer.ca/pscgwriters.html.