Global Event LIsting

Peer Resources

Peer Resources maintains a list of coaching, mentoring, and peer assistance events from around the world on its website.

Peer events:

Mentor events:

Coach events:

Each event includes: (1) the name of the event; (2) the date the event will take place; (3) the venue and location of the event; (4) the URL of the event; (5) a contact phone number; (6) a contact email address; and (7) any additional relevant information.

Events are typically listed at no cost. However, if the event organizers want their URL and email hotlinked, there is a fee of $10.00, payable here. Event details are maintained on the Peer Resources' site until the event date has occurred, and then are deleted. In addition, hotlinked events are mentioned in Peer Resources' social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

When the fee is paid, the event will become hotlinked within 24 hours.