Peer Counselling: Seniors Helping Seniors: The Workbook

Peer Resources

A senior peer counsellor's workbook prepared by Dr. Honore France of the University of Victoria to accompany Program Guide. The workbook contains exercises, activities, and insight-oriented readings.

A limited number of these Workbooks are available in hard copy format at no cost to existing senior peer counselling program within British Columbia. The only cost is for shipping. (Contact to make these arrangements.)

Members of the Peer Resources Network and paid subscribers to the Peer Bulletin can receive the Workbook as an E-Book at no cost.

The hard copies of the Workbook are available at no cost to members of the Peer Resources Network and Peer Bulletin subscribers. The only cost is for shipping. (Hard copies are in limited supply and may not be available.)

(Purchase of E-Book format provides the user with the right to reproduce as many copies as needed for their peer program participants.)