Shaping the Future: 150+Canadian Mentoring Relationships that Make Canada Great, Creative, Innovative, Productive, Successful and Wecoming

Peer Resources

The book provides information about the Four Pillars of Mentoring as a way of helping readers understand what mentoring is and isn't. It includes several examples of the Four Pillars drawn from the life experience of the author. The majority of the book lists mentor pairings of Canadians, mostly well-known from many walks of life including history, leadership, education, sports, business, medicine, the arts, writing, journalism, music, and the motion picture industry. Non-Canadians are also included when they were mentored by a Canadian or acted as a mentor to a Canadian. A name index is included to make it easier to search for particular individuals.

While this e-book is free to members of the Peer Resources Network, non-members can purchase the e-book for $7.95 via Amazon at this link: