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The Peer Bulletin (ISSN 1488-6774) was an independent, international, subscriber-funded, advertising- and promotion-free magazine that had been published online monthly to assist business, community, education and agency personnel to achieve balance, well-being, and prosperity in heart, mind, and soul. (As of July 6, 2016, the magazine will no longer be published monthly, and will switch to a more sporadic and spontaneous distribution model.)

Each issue contains feature articles about mentoring, coaching and peer assistance written by the leading practitioners in their respective fields. In addition, each issue contains information about what's new in the field; champions for mentoring, coaching and peer assistance; opportunities for employment in the fields as well as support for funding and grants; synopses of the latest research in the field; and exclusive offers and discounts for subscribers.

Other unique aspects of the magazine are the monthly feature on mentors in memorium; a series of inspirational and educational quotes from the famous and infamous; a quiz where readers can gain additional months for their subscriptions; and an opportunity to receive at no-cost some of the leading books in coaching, mentoring, and peer assistance.

All back issues are available for a small fee. A list of all back issues is available in our archive here.

A sample of a previous issue of the Peer Bulletin is available at no charge here.